Frequently Asked Questions…
Seldom answered.

Click the question to reveal the answer. I will update this page periodically. Remember, there is no such thing as a STUPID question ‘ unless it comes from my front desk. Mike Eden

A: I prefer the terminology ‘inn’ or ‘guest house.’ We offer a cold drink at check- in and a complimentary Happy Hour from 4 to 5 P.M. daily. Sorry, no food in the morning. We do offer coffee, tea (several varieties) and hot chocolate. 24/7/365. However, you can get an outstanding breakfast right next door at Azur. -Mike

A: Yes. The last time I checked, you do need to. There are a couple resorts on Mars where you can make a reservation with no deposit. -Mike

A: Yes, if you must. There are three places off the top of my head within one mile to break a sweat. -Bill

A: As little as possible. You are going on vacation’not the prom. There is no dress code in Asheville. So why not take advantage of it? You might even skip a shave or two while visiting the rock. -Mike

A: Yes. If you really think it is necessary to iron something just ask at the front desk. -Mike

A: Sorry, no pets. You can bring your boyfriend or husband if they are house broken. -Mike

A: No, not at present, but there is talk about it in the future. Grab a cab. Tell the cabbie to take you to the Princess Anne. -Mike

A: Yes, no, and no. Yes, we have off street parking. It is on a first come, first serve basis. No, we do not charge for parking. Keep in mind there is no need for a car in old Key West and it almost impossible to find parking in high season. If you bring a car, park it and leave it parked unless you absolutely have to go some place. -Mike

A: Funny you should ask. Randy and Victoria Soares were just here and Randy installed a new wireless system at the Princess Anne. If your computer is wireless ready, you can access our DSL from the pool and lobby areas. I encourage using the internet as little as possible while on vacation. But if you must, you must. -Mike

A: The girls from Atlanta think so. Have you been talking to them? (See the framed postcard in the lobby …) -Mike

A: Some of the rooms do have hair dryers, and we have some dryers at the front desk. Mike

A: We have the best guests in the world. But as George Castanzas would say, ’30 minutes and then throw the ‘garbage’ on the floor.’ I think 60 minutes is more aprophe. ‘ Mike

We have about twenty spaces of off-street parking and about forty rooms. So, it’s first come first serve, folks. There is quite a bit of parking in the neighborhood and (worst case scenario) a garage a couple of blocks away.